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Welcome to 3D Addict's Gallerylist. To go to the gallery click the thumbnail

In The History Galley, the newest on this site, I'll post everything related to time (past present future). This is what I mean by history. Well, "History Gallery" is just a name. Actually you can find everything in this gallery.


Rockart gallery deals with rock music, concerts, musicians....


Fire & Ice gallery deals with all kinds of deserts and my fantasy about deserts, may it be deserts of water, ice, sands or rocks, even empty thought...

The Underground gallery is where you'll find basement scenes, prison cells, dungeons and everything below ground level...

Virtuality is not only in computers. In the Virtualife gallery I've put not only works with computers in them, but also everything that is, to me, "realistic unreality"....Vir

The 3D Addict's gallery is located on another site, and contains about 75 works of all kinds and subjects. The site also has to offer some web graphics (Backgrounds, buttons, animated GIFs) and a QTVR gallery.

In the Home of 3D Art, also located on another site, you'll find, along with Bryceworks, the skies, materials, objects and imported DXF models I've used to make the pictures.

The Fortunecity site is where I have my Fierce Bryceing Gallery. There too you'll find about 70 Bryceworks of all kinds. This gallery was, I feel, a kind of turning point in my Brycean thinking. Go there and compare to what you'll find in the Geocities site galleries and you'll see what I mean.

The Geocities site is the first site I've ever built. I've put there my first Bryceworks (dating before November 1997). Beside galleries (which I still love and find interesting) you'll find a Download Section with beautiful skies, Textures, Bryce2 objects and DXF models.


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