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The resources links-page contains links to all kinds of Bryce and 3D Resources. These include 3D models in various formats (mainly DXF and 3ds formats), Tutorials and Tips, Bryce textures, skies, objects, and 3D modeling software to create your own models if you wish
1) Avalon
2) 3D Cafe
3) Meta Creations 
4) 3D Expresso
5) Bruce McLeod- the bryce forum galleries, tuts, goodies
6) BioGraphic Research- Download Tree Druid And Thor
7) The cricket's cage
8) Acuris
9) Feral Art
10) EEI 3D Object Gallery
11) Dutch Graphics Zone
12) BergDesign
13) 3Dlinks
14) Amazing 3D
15) Sunserver
16) Terraformers' Guild
17) Cube3
18) KPT Brycetips
19) Pannozzo-univ.of Dusseldorf
20)  Angus McIntyre Otherworlds site
21) Dany Eilat's Bryce2 Resource Factory
22) Creator Studio
23) Pixart
24) 3D Objects Gallery
25) Terragen- Terrain generator (demo version)
26) Rhino 3D- 3d modeller (free beta)
27) Micrografix Simply 3D
28) 3D expresso- very good (maybe the BEST) lik list to 3D soft sites and 3D resources
29) U&I software- Eric Wenger's new baby. Great site, especially for Mac people
30) Bsmooth- Terrain generator for Bryce
31) Caligari- Download Truespace Newest Demo
32) Onyx- the Homesite of Onyx Tree Pro
33) Polytrans Demo- Very Good File converter

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