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direct links to recommended software

Here you have some links to all kinds of software I use. None of these applications is stored on this site, or any the site of mine. All of them are Shareware, Freeware or Demos/Trial versions. All of them I've tried and found satisfactory or more than satisfactory for different purposes.

Short Description
WinZip is a very good compression tool with a friendly interface. I use it for non-complex types of files , usually text files or dxf files and other small size files I want to upload to my sites
Winarj95 is another archiving tool, sometimes more powerful than winzip. 
WinRaR is the Best compression tool I know for large, complex files such as Bryce scenes can be. For these files Rar compression is far more powerful than Zip compression (compression ration is about 50% better than Zip's.
Macromedia Dreamweaver is my favorite among the web authoring tools I've used up till now. Simple, Friendly, powerful. 
Xara3D is one of the applications I've trying to create 3D texts for my websites. Looks OK, but I prefer Ulead's .Cool3D 
This tool of Ulead's gives real cool results. The problem with this application (as with other Ulead products) is that it's SLOW. But if you're patient.....
Ulead Cool3D
I just love using this picture viewer. easy and friendly, though does a lot.
Everybody knows this Browser.
Netscape Communicator 4.05
The Microsoft Browser I'm currently using. A good one too, even though it's a Microsoft product.
IExplorer 4.01
A small, compact browser. Doesn't support Java but this can sometime be an advantage. It's the fastest browser I've ever used.
Opera 3.21
In my experience McAfee's the best among the Antivirus utilities.
McAfee Antivirus
You say Antivirus, you speak about virus data update files. ESSENTIAL.!!!!!
McAfee Antivirus data update files
PaintShop Pro 5 is quickly becoming more than graphic toy. Fast, reliable, with a lot more options compared to the 3.x versions. come with a GOOD animation workshop.
PaintShop Pro 5
Ulead has given us a whole pack of graphic tools: Photoimpact4 is a good graphic editor but not that simple to use, ulead Gif animator I haven't tried yet(though I've downloaded it already.), The smartsaver is a very good web graphics' optimizer and so on. And, hey, Do Not Forget the Ulead Plugins for fotoshop series, whish ARE JUST GREAT
Ulead Software

On the Apple Computers site you'll find All kinds of QuickTime stuff. i'm not only talking about QuickTime 3 viewer and plugin, but also about QT make panorama and QT MakeEffect Movie tools for Win95. 
VR MakePano
A good and simple FTP tool for downloading and uploading files .

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